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Eco Friendly Art Kits: Paper Moths

With the cooler season inviting more indoor activities that are easy to make, relaxing, and suitable for many skill levels, I’ve had plenty of questions about why my paper entomology moth kits are downloadable art kits, and not physical kits. The answer is simple.

By making my paper moth kits downloads, they’re available for instantaneous purchase anywhere in the world, without contributing to carbon pollution by needing to be shipped. Also, as you only need to print out one, maybe two of the multiple pages, the amount of paper used is drastically less than what it would be if I sold these kits as physical goods - especially if you want to make multiple moths! In addition, while I have suggestions of what art supplies to use to make your kits for best results, you can also use what you already have on hand. This makes it easy for anybody to start making their own paper moths, without feeling the pressure to buy more art supplies that they may not need or use otherwise: less unnecessary shopping!

I know you enjoy my work with Beastie and Bone not just because of its aesthetic, but because I’m serious about caring for the earth we’re on, and the living things we share it with. So while physical kits for the paper entomology moths would be so fun to create, I’m going to keep focusing on what I can do with Beastie and Bone to be gentle on the planet.

Download your own paper entomology kit (Luna Moth, Clymene Moth, or Death’s Head Hawkmoth) in the Beastie and Bone shop, or become a tier three Beastie and Bone Patron to get a free download every quarter!

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