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Gift Ideas for Eco Goths

I'd bet we all know one: a friend or coworker who wears all black, probably has the coolest rock collection you've ever seen, listens to obscure indie bands or Icelandic folk metal, and speaks passionately of their favorite hikes, latest animal facts obsession, or newest green product find. And if you don't know one, you probably are that friend or coworker.

I'm talking about eco goths, nature-loving individuals who enjoy edgy, earthy aesthetics and eco-friendly values when expressing their individuality. That individuality can make gift-buying difficult if you're not familiar with the eco goth aesthetic, however. So I've assembled a gift guide of eco-friendly items with a dark look and hopeful vibe.

Linocut Art Prints

Beastie and Bone linocut art prints are printed by hand on 100% recycled, handmade cotton paper, and feature memento more-style motifs such as skulls and bones, coupled with encouraging messages or themes.

flatlay image of hand printed linocut print of a skull with a daffodil coming out of it and the words hope eternal underneath it

Recycled Kraft Paper Stickers

Recycled-paper stickers are a good eco-friendly alternative to mainstream sticker materials for use in art journaling, letter-writing, or decorating electronics. Beastie and Bone stickers are made of recycled Kraft paper, and are focused on endangered species, extinct megafauna, and small reminders that any dark moment does not last forever.

recycled Kraft paper sticker of a sabertooth cat skull with goldenrod flowers

Paper Taxidermy Art

Many eco goths take part in vulture culture, or it-was-dead-when-I-found-it, taxidermy and insect collecting. With Beastie and Bone paper specimens of bones, skulls, and moths, you can gift them a treasure that takes the cruelty-free aspect even further! Beastie and Bone paper taxidermy and paper entomology art pieces are made with recycled papers and bamboo papers, to soften the impact of the art form on our planet.

framed paper moths on dark background handmade nature paper art handmade in Tennessee

Downloadable Paper Entomology Art Kit

Looking for a smaller gift that can contribute to learning a new art form or sharing a craft night? Beastie and Bone downloadable Paper Entomology kits include everything you need to get started in the new paper craft form of paper entomology, including materials suggestions, tips and tricks for color and cutting, a coloring guide, and pattern for making Clymene moths, Luna moths, or Death's Head Hawkmoths.

downloadable art kit for making paper moths downloadable pattern for making death's head hawkmoth

Hopefully, these eco-friendly and memento-mori style ideas make your holiday shopping for the eco goth in your life! All these suggestions are made or designed by myself, the artist behind Beastie and Bone, in my tiny studio in Knoxville, TN, and you can shop my entire collection of original art, prints, and goods in my online store for more ideas. Thank you for supporting a small business with your gift-giving this year!

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