BEASTIE AND BONE encompasses the work of Stacia Baldwin, a mixed media paper taxidermy artist, digital illustrator, and linocut printmaker. 


Her work, while bold, and often at first impression dark, is imbued with curiosity and compassion for the natural world, the human body, and the complex and symbiotic relationship between the two. 


Struggles with both physical and mental chronic health issues and a love for the many natural ecosystems she has encountered through the United States inform her every project, and transforms the anatomical into art, the wild a source of solace. 

Born in the Midwest, Stacia studied art and design for three years before relocating to New England to achieve a certificate of illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. Several years in the Pacific Northwest followed, where she unveiled the paper taxidermy collections Anatomy of Being Human and Horned and Wingéd in solo shows in Seattle and multiple smaller shows in locally-owned businesses, and was featured by King 5 Evening. Now located in Knoxville, Tennessee, Stacia has new collections of paper taxidermy and illustration in development, based on North American megafauna and micro ecosystems.

Self Portrait With Wolf Mandible.jpg


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